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Beautiful Places in Washington State for Portraits

I’m a photographer that was born and raised in Washington State. Over the years I’ve realized there are some pretty awesome places to take photos and family portraits in the pacific northwest. Washington State is a beautiful state during all four seasons. I’ve put this list together to help other photographers or families looking for some ideas on where to take family / individual photoshoots in this area. Below are some example pictures of awesome portrait photo locations in Washington State.

1. Point Defiance Park

This park is absolutely gorgeous. I love taking photos here. It is one of my favorite places to take photos near me. You don’t even have to try very hard to capture stunning photographs because the surrounding nature is so beautiful. Point Defiance Park is located in Tacoma, Washington.

point defiance state park

2. Mt. Rainier National Park

This national park has all kinds of beautiful nature to take portrait locations at. With its stunning views of the mountain, wildflowers, and lush forests, this park is a popular spot for outdoor portraits. The photo below shows Mt. Rainier in the background while on top of a big hill. Mt. Rainier National Park is located east up highway 410 from Enumclaw.

portrait locations mt. rainier

3. Museum of Glass

The Museum of Glass is located in Tacoma, Washington. Outside and around the building, there are lots of artistic sculptures and glass art that make for taking excellent and unique pictures.

museum of glass

4. Hamilton Park

This park is located along Ruston Way in Tacoma, Washington. It’s situated right on the waterfront, with views of Mt. Rainier and the Puget Sound. I’m sorry, I do not currently have a photo of this location… yet.

5. Dash Point State Park

Dash Point is located in Federal Way, Washington, along the waterfront. It has a sandy beach and great views of Puget Sound.

dash point state park

6. Gasworks Park

This park is located in Seattle, Washington. It has multiple vantage points of Seattle. Located on the shores of Lake Union in Seattle, this former gas plant turned park offers unique industrial architecture and sweeping views of the city skyline. You can place your family in front of the vantage point and get a photo with them of Seattle in the background.

7. Any Location with a Tall Grassy Field

Although I didn’t identify a specific location for this idea, tall grassy fields can be found all over the state. In the photo below, you can see an example of this. The long grass with wild buttercup flowers makes for an excellent background for your portraits.

portrait locations tall grassy field

8. Seattle Center

The Space Needle is located here, along with lots of other neat-looking architecture. All kinds of neat things are located here that would make great backgrounds in pictures, like the big water fountain in the middle of the center.

Seattle center

9. Kerry Park

Kerry Park is an excellent location to take portraits of people if you want to get the entire Seattle skyline in the picture, as well as Mt. Rainier. Pictures that are taken here turn out amazing.

kerry park

10. Alki Beach

Alki Beach has a great view looking across the Puget Sound at the city of Seattle. Here you can get a great background with the Seattle Skyline in it and water. Looking the other direction, you can also see great views of the Olympic Mountains.

Seattle from Alki Beach

11. Marymoor Park, Redmond

This park has lots of natural surroundings as well as a river running through it. Lots of trees and fields are located here which can be used for great portraits pictures.

marymoor park

12. Snoqualmie Falls

If you are looking to get great portraits with a fantastic waterfall in the background, this is the place to go! With it located just outside of Seattle, it provides a dramatic backdrop for photos! During all the seasons, the waterfall looks spectacular and will make great pictures.

snoqualmie falls
Snoqualmie Falls in the Summer

The photo below is Snoqualmie Falls after days of rain caused flooding in many rivers. Although the flooding of rivers isn’t always a good thing, it sure does make Snoqualmie Falls a sight to see!

Portrait Location Snoqualmie Falls
This is Snoqualmie Falls in the late Fall after so much rainfall it caused river flooding

13. Olympic National Park

With its rugged coastline, snow-capped mountains, lakes, and lush rainforests, Olympic National Park offers a wide variety of scenic backdrops for portraits.

Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park rain forest.

14. Leavenworth

This charming Bavarian-style town is nestled in the Cascade Mountains and features stunning alpine scenery and colorful storefronts.


15. Ruby Beach

With its rugged sea stacks, driftwood-lined shores, and stunning sunsets, Ruby Beach is a photographer’s dream. Just imagine your subject in front of these magical backdrops!

Ruby Beach
Ruby Beach

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Where Are Your Favorite Places to Take Photos in Washington?

Do you have any favorite places to shoot pictures in Washington State of your own? If so let me know in the comments below! I’d love to learn about some new awesome locations!

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