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Must-Have Wedding Photos for Wedding Photography

When photographing a wedding there are certain must-have wedding photos that need to be captured. Some pictures cannot be missed. Below I have listed the absolute 17 must-have pictures that need to be taken at any wedding. Sample must-have wedding photos are also shown that I have taken myself.

1. The gown by itself

Every bride wants to have some photos of their wedding gown to remember for years to come.

wedding dress picture
The wedding dress by itself photo

2. The bride’s bouquet. Try to capture all of the details of the bouquet

You can take a photo of the bouquet by itself, or with the bride and groom holding it and hiding their faces like the photo below. I also like to set the aperture so they are out of focus in the background.

Bride's bouquet
Close up of the bouquet photo

3. Wedding Rings

The wedding rings are an important must-have wedding photo. If the couple you are photographing does not have the rings displayed in a pretty manner like the photo below, then you can also just have them hold them out in their hands and take a photo of that. Take it with a small aperture so only the rings are in focus, not the hands.

wedding picture of the rings
Artistic photo of the wedding rings

4. Bridal portrait

Before the ceremony, I always like to get quite a few pictures of the bride by herself. Other bridal portraits I like to include are the bride holding her shoes and the bride looking at herself in the mirror. Do not focus on the mirror image of the bridal, but instead focus on the bride herself.

Bride alone
Bride by herself looking at the camera
Bride alone
Bride holding her shoes while focusing on the shoes
Bride alone
Bride looking at herself in the mirror

5. Groom with each of his groomsmen

It is always nice to have a photo of all of the groomsmen together before the ceremony. Most of the time the guys like to do creative poses, so have fun with this.

Groom and groomsmen

6. Bride with all of her bridesmaids

You can’t get a photo of all of the groomsmen without getting similar photos of all of the bridesmaids!

Bride with bridesmaids
The bride and her bridesmaids
Bride with bridesmaids
A photo of all of the bridesmaids with the bride

7. Bride with the maid of honor

bride with maid of honor photo
Bride and maid of honor

8. Groom with best man

Groom and his best man

9. Groom’s face as he is looking at the bride for the first time coming down the aisle

groom's face picture

10. The bride and groom’s first kiss after being married

wedding picture first kiss

11. Reception tables

It’s always nice to come back years later and see a picture to remember how your reception tables were decorated on your special day.

reception tables wedding pictures must have

12. The food

The food prepared for the wedding reception often takes a lot of time and consideration. Capturing a photo of the food will help the bride and groom remember all that time put forth for their special day.

must-have wedding pictures the food

13. First dance

This must-have wedding photo needs to explanation.

first dance must-have wedding photo

14. The wedding cake by itself

Capturing the details of the wedding cake is a definite must-have photo. Wedding cakes are a very special part of the wedding day and lots of details go into the cake. A photo will help the bride and groom remember those details once the cake has been eaten.

the cake by itself must-have wedding photo

15. Cutting of the cake / Cake Smashing

Not all couples decide to smash a piece of cake into each other’s faces, but if they do this is a must-have picture!

cake smashing must-have wedding photo
The bride smashing cake into the groom’s face

16. Bride and groom together

bride and groom together must have wedding picture

17. Marriage certificate

marriage certificate wedding photo

Are there any other must-have wedding photos I have left out?

If so, please comment below and let us know!

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