17 Must Have Wedding Photos at Your Wedding

Must-Have Wedding Photos for Wedding Photography

When photographing a wedding there are certain must-have wedding photos that need to be captured. Some pictures cannot be missed. Below I have listed the absolute 17 pictures that need to be taken at any wedding. Sample must-have wedding photos are also shown.

The gown by itself

wedding dress picture

The bride’s bouquet. Try to capture all of the details of the bouquet

bride's bouquet picture

Wedding Rings

wedding picture of the rings

Bridal portrait

bridal portrait photo

Groom with each of his groomsmen

groom with groomsmen photo

Bride with all of her bridesmaids

bride with bridesmaid picture

Bride with maid of honor

bride with maid of honor photo

Groom with best man

groom with best man picture

Groom’s face as he is looking at the bride for the first time coming down the aisle

groom's face picture

The bride and groom’s first kiss after being married

wedding picture first kiss

Reception tables

reception tables wedding pictures must have

The food

must-have wedding pictures the food

First dance

first dance must-have wedding photo

The cake by itself

the cake by itself must-have wedding photo

Cutting of the cake / Cake Smashing

cake smashing must-have wedding photo

Bride and groom together

bride and groom together must have wedding picture

Marriage certificate

marriage certificate wedding photo

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